Welcome to a new day

February 01, 2013

By Keith Shew

Greetings from Camp Minnesota! It’s an exciting time of year in camping. The days are getting longer, temperatures seem to be rising a bit, the ice isn’t quite as solid as it was, and between storms, we’re seeing more open patches of grass at the camp sites. As the winter shows signs of giving way to the promise of a spring, the thoughts of the camping staff are turning toward a new season.

It’s a new day in camping—filled with new programs at Koronis Ministries, Northern Pines, Ko-Wa-Kan and Servant Heart Ministries, a few new staff members, a new summer theme, new volunteer leadership, and a renewed energy to stay connected with you. And this is just the start!

You can be part of it. We are seeking to identify a "camp ambassador" at every United Methodist church in Minnesota. Camp ambassadors help spread news and information about camping opportunities to the children, youth, families, and adults in their church and community. A camp ambassador may be someone who has attended Minnesota United Methodist camps, is a Christian educator, a youth leader, or just someone who is excited about youth and camping.

Share the good opportunities

Camp Minnesota will provide the camp ambassadors with the latest information and opportunities and they will share them with their church. They will work closely with their pastors, Christian education staff, church families, and Camp Minnesota staff to help make sure families stay in tune with camping opportunities. They will continue the tradition of sharing the mission and ministry of a Camp Minnesota experience.

We’ve created some resources to make it as easy—and fun—as possible for you to be a camp ambassador. All Minnesota United Methodist churches will receive a packet containing an ambassador guide, a resource DVD, additional 2013 brochures, and other helpful information. Watch for yours soon!

When your packet arrives:

1. Identify your church’s camp ambassador and give that person the resource packet.

2. Plan with this person your church’s Camp Sunday and promotion schedule.

Need more resources? We recently mailed brochures to all Minnesota United Methodist churches. But we’ve got plenty more—enough for every child and family in your church! Please let us know how many you need and we’ll mail you more right away.

The Camp Minnesota staff and campsite directors are here to help. Just let us know what you need!

This summer’s theme is “All Things New: Look What God is Doing,” and fits well with many of the new things happening within our camping ministry. Starting with the newest day, God was the creator. God makes new order out of old chaos and disorder, nights that give way to beautiful new sunrises, new growth in places once thought gone, and the promise of a new day. And God is just getting started.

Thank you for all you do to help children, youth, families, and adults know about life changing opportunities at our United Methodist camps!

Keith Shew is director of camping and retreats for the Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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