You’re invited: OC Ministries’ ‘Be the Light’ gala

September 27, 2016

In 1989, four people mobilized their passions, intellect, and abundance of love for others to found Operation Classroom. A steering team was formed to create connections with children and their families in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Twenty-seven years after it became an Advance of the Minnesota Conference, the organization now known as OC Ministries has ministered to the minds, bodies, and souls of those in seven different countries. 

Currently active in Haiti, Jamaica, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, OC helps fund and support classrooms, clinics, churches, clean water, clear vision, agricultural programs, and student scholarships. More than 50 projects have been completed in the various countries with the help of several hundred volunteers.

Current major initiatives include teachers’ training in rural Haiti, the Jericho Vision Clinic in Jamaica, Gipo Vocational High School in Liberia, and a new elementary school in Baiwala, Sierra Leone.  

Much has been accomplished over the past nearly three decades, but there is still plenty of work to be done. With the continued support of United Methodist churches and other donors, OC hopes to foster more connections and achieve new goals in the years to come.

To that end, on Oct. 22, OC Ministries is hosting a “Be the Light” gala at International Market Square in Minneapolis. The emcee will be journalist and author Cathy Wurzer from Minnesota Public Radio. Rev. Athlone Harrison, a district superintendent in Jamaica and coordinator of OC’s ministry there, will be the featured speaker. Testimonies from other participants will also be shared.

To order tickets or for more information on the gala, click here.

Thanks for all you continue to do to heal a broken world in Jesus’ name!

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