Ministries of compassion, justice, mercy and peace

January 22, 2015

The churches of the Minnesota Annual Conference collectively participate in more than 100 ministries of compassion, justice, mercy, and peace—regionally, nationally, and internationally. This does not count the hundreds of projects churches do in their own communities or the hundreds more supported through our apportioned giving to the “World Service Fund,” the core of the global United Methodist Church’s outreach ministry, which underwrites Christian mission around the world.

Together, we:

• work hands-on through Volunteers in Mission.

• participate in disaster relief through the United Methodist Committee On Relief.  

• train leaders and others for disaster response and other work teams.

• provide missionary salary support.

• give through six special offerings each year.

• give through an annual Love Offering for missions.

• advocate and work for justice for women, ethnic minorities, and Native Americans.

• work for peace through the Board of Church and Society and the Palestine-Israel Project.

partner with other conferences , local schools, and non-profit organizations.

• partner with United Methodist Women to advocate for economic, environmental, and women’s rights.

There are thousands of men, women, youth, and children who benefit on a regular basis from our willingness to help God heal a broken world.

Did you know that:

• we have 13 hands-on opportunities in Minnesota? And 10 national opportunities? And 11 international opportunities?

• we make and ship seven types of disaster relief kits?

• there are 30 opportunities for second-mile giving to projects with specific ties to Minnesota?  And that 100 percent of financial gifts go directly to those projects?

• we support 23 missionaries throughout the world?

• we support scholarships for all ages of students?

The Missions Promotion Team will send every church a new brochure in February. The brochure contains information about all of our opportunities, with related websites and phone numbers—and it aligns with the new conference website that will launch later this year.

Thanks for all you continue to do. You help put the “united” in United Methodist!

Lyndy Zabel is director of missional impact for the Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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