Big Waters

Minnesota's United Methodist Churches are divided into five districts, each with a district superintendent appointed to oversee churches and pastors in the district.

Photo of Susan M Richey Nienaber

Rev. Susan M. Richey Nienaber

Big Waters District Superintendent

Superintending the work in the Big Waters District / (612) 230-6153


Laurie Huston

Administrative Assistant

Church conference forms, appointments and events for superintendent and cabinet, general assistance to churches and pastors / (612) 230-6153

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Susan Nienaber asked the pastors of the Big Waters churches to submit a photo or two showing their church at its best. Some provided a shot of their building while others provided a shot of their congregation in action. View the album of photos.


Summer 2016 article: The joy (and challenge) of being in community

Christian community is like a pond in that it is constantly changing, Rev. Susan Nienaber said in her latest column. There are times when we are close and work well together. There are times when we sense the powerful presence of God in our midst, and our activities and worship are filled with purpose and meaning. However, sometimes there is breakdown in our Christian community and struggle. Sometimes there is a loss of energy and decline. Sometimes we are hurtful to each other and disappoint one another. It takes courage and hope to stay in community with each other.

Resource article: Why we aren't learning

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