Award Nominations

Three awards will be given out at the 2020 Annual Conference session, each of which has been slightly altered in name over the last couple of years in order to align with one of the three gospel imperatives that the conference is focused on: the Denman Evangelism Award for Reaching New People, the Jeanne Audrey Powers Award for Healing a Broken World, and the One Matters Award for Growing in Love of God and Neighbor.

Nominations are due by April 15, 2020. (Click the name of a specific award, below in blue, to be taken to the nomination form. The Cabinet selects the recipient of the One Matters Award, so there is not a nomination form for that one.)

Here is a brief description of each award:

Denman Evangelism Award for Reaching New People

This award honors United Methodists who have an exceptional ministry of evangelism—expressed in word (what), sign (why), and deed (how)—that brings people into a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. A Harry Denman Evangelism Award recipient consistently introduces those they serve to the good news of Jesus Christ. Their ministry is outstanding for the number of new Christ followers who credit encounters with this person as critical in helping to start or reignite their faith journey.  Nominate someone

Jeanne Audrey Powers Award for Healing a Broken World

This award honors persons who have made significant efforts to build the beloved community, in particular through collaborative partnerships and ecumenical efforts, working for justice and reconciliation for all persons.  Nominate someone

One Matters Award for Growing in Love of God and Neighbor

This award from Discipleship Ministries recognizes churches that have grown in their number of baptisms and professions of faith. The award, which includes $1,000, will be presented to a congregation that has done significant work to make its zeros from previous years become positive numbers.

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