Bishop David Bard

Minnesota Conference's Interim Bishop for 2021. Blog post from previous bishops will also remain available here.

Blog Posts

The Joyful Journey: Theology, scripture, and the continuing UMC

The Joyful Journey: It's complicated

The Joyful Journey: Take a moment or two

The Joyful Journey: Disaffiliation, anti-racism, responding to violence

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The Joyful Journey: When all that is solid melts into air

July 4 reflections

The Joyful Journey: Heading for Annual Conference

The Joyful Journey: Hanging on and keeping going

The Joyful Journey: In the midst of life

Holy Week: A Week of Wonder

The Joyful Journey: Holding it together

Lenten greeting: Practicing the disciplines of love

The Joyful Journey: Lent and love

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day

The Joyful Journey: 'You say goodbye, and I say hello'


Christmas message: The Scandal of the Incarnation

State of the Church Address: You Have Never Traveled This Way Before

From gratitude to generosity

Easter message: The Story That Holds You in There

Easter cannot be canceled

Reckless Love: Ash Wednesday message

A home for Jesus: Christmas message

Living into our inclusive vision

My hope is built on Jesus: World Communion Sunday message

Pray for our farmers

Pastoral message following Judicial Council rulings

Easter message: ‘Pray with your eyes wide open’

Living and dreaming together

‘For My Sake’: Ash Wednesday message

My heart is heavy

Preparing our hearts and minds for General Conference

The heart of the Magi: Bishop's Christmas message

A prayer for the harvest

Their silence fills the earth

Stewarding the church in the 21st century

To Go On Anyhow

The Risen Christ is Coming

Never again: Listen to the children

United Methodist Church to celebrate 50th anniversary

Extremophiles: Ash Wednesday with Bishop Ough

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