Multiplying Leaders #2: Leading change

September 15, 2017

In this podcast, Rev. Ben Ingebretson, director of new church development for the Dakotas-Minnesota Area of The United Methodist Church, and Rev. Brad Kalajainen, lead pastor at Cornerstone UMC in Grand Rapids, Michigan talk about what's required to lead change. Change is often hard and slow for congregations until they pattern a new normal. Ingebretson and Kalajainen explore trust, tipping points, and a variety of other factors that go into leading change.

About this series:

The "Multiplying Leaders" podcast series is designed to help create leaders that will reach into their mission fields and more fully achieve their disciple-making potential. The "Multiplying Leader" program is an effort of the Dakotas-Minnesota Area of the United Methodist Church under the leadership of Rev. Ben Ingebretson, director of new church development.

Training sessions are principle-based and allow for flexibility to fit your context. Your district superintendent will help you customize the principles. A series of six podcasts, with specific resources, provide the framework for adaptive leadership.

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