Bishop Ough on leadership, spirituality, congregational identity: Part 3

December 11, 2014

In September 2014, Big Waters District Superintendent Susan Nienaber spoke with Bishop Bruce R. Ough about leadership, spirituality, and congregational identity. That conversation was made into a lively and informative three-part podcast series. Nienaber’s goal was to give people a chance to connect more deeply with our bishop and to learn from his wisdom and strength. The podcasts are now available to everyone. Here is a brief summary of the topics addressed in each part:

Part 1: Leadership in the current age and what it requires
Part 2: Spiritual crises and staying spiritually grounded, strategic decision-making, and the bishop’s own leadership traits
Part 3: Bishop Ough’s vision and desires for the Big Waters District and the Minnesota Annual Conference and developing congregational identity and purpose 

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