Apportionments are the share each annual conference or local church pays to support international, national, and local missions. Some of the funds remitted by Minnesota congregations stay within the state and help fund various Minnesota Conference programs and mission efforts, and about a quarter of the funds remitted by local churches go to the global United Methodist Church. Apportionments also pay for the internal support system that allows for 100 percent of “second-mile” giving (to Imagine No Malaria and other Advance Specials) to go to the intended mission or ministry.

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Each church’s portion of our 2023 budgeted ministries as adopted to the 2022 Annual Conference is calculated using a formula based 15 percent on average membership and 85 percent on average local church expenditures with no adjustments. The calculation is tabulated as follows:



Budget Plus Uncollectibles


1. Membership Decimal: Average membership of your local church for the last three years divided by 52,227.

1. _________

2. Expenditure Decimal: Average expenditures of your local church for the last three years divided by $38,729,471.*

2. ________

3. Apportionment Decimal: 
(.15 x Membership Decimal) + (.85 x Expenditure Decimal)

3. ________

4. Apportioned Amount: Apportionment Decimal times $5,855,000.

4. ________

You can submit your apportionments electronically or you can mail them to the following address:

Attn: Accounting Assistant
Minnesota Annual Conference of the UMC
122 W. Franklin Ave., Ste. 400
Minneapolis, MN 55404


* Average of local church expenditures is calculated using the following expenses for 2019, 2020, and 2021: pastor’s base compensation; associate pastor(s) base compensation; ordained deacon(s) compensation; utilities and other housing-related allowances paid to/for all pastors; reimbursements paid to all pastors; other cash allowances paid to/for all pastors; other staff compensation and expenses; current expenses for programs; and current expenses for operations. These local church expenditures do not include equitable compensation, housing allowances, principal and interest payments on indebtedness, building improvements, benevolences paid by the local church, conference apportionments, or advance specials. The average of the same expenditures for the same years for the entire conference is $38,729,471.

Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55404

(612) 870-0058