Conference Materials

Please familiarize yourself with the legislation that will be discussed and voted on at Annual Conference, as well as the reports from leaders and ministry teams and some other helpful documents. Be sure to print out or refer online to the documents you'd like to have during conference; hard copies will be available only to voting members who placed orders for purchase. Here are the materials that you're encouraged to read through before June 22:

Final items sent out Friday, June 18:

Annual Conference Guide: This guide contains a detailed agenda that will help you navigate our virtual gathering and keep track of where we are and what's ahead.

Laity Session Handout: This handout corresponds with a LeaderWise presentation to the laity on Tuesday afternoon.

Service of Ordination and Commissioning Booklet: Although all the words you will need to see will be on-screen, this booklet will help guide you through the Tuesday evening worship service. 

Journey Toward Vitality Map: This document will be presented and discussed in small groups on Wednesday. Printed copies will be provided to those attending a designated remote site.

Rachel Billups Teaching Session Handout: This document is for you to refer to and use during the teaching session on Wednesday. Printed copies will be provided to those attending a designated remote site.

Legislation Packet: This packet, an original version of which was sent out last month, has been slightly updated: Resolutions for the discontinuances have been added, the two discontinuance items have swapped numbers, and some page formatting adjustments have been made.

Leader Lists (Items 300, 301 and 302): These lists contain the names of Minnesota United Methodists serving on various boards, committees, and teams within and beyond the conference. They will be presented for your approval on Thursday.

2021 Appointment List: This list names all pastoral appointments that will take effect July 1, 2021.

Retirement Class Reflections: Each member of the 2021 retirement class has been invited to share a written reflection. These reflections are a testament to the ways in which this group has impacted lives through their dedicated service.

Zoom Cheat Sheet: This document summarizes Zoom features, how to vote with Zoom polls, and how to use the Q&A box.

Additional items:

Parliamentary Glossary
Glossary of Terms
Zoom Webinar Cheat Sheet

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