2023 Lenten Study

All Minnesota United Methodists are invited to participate in the 2023 conference-wide Lenten study!

The Minnesota Appointive Cabinet and Minnesota Conference communications staff have prepared this study for congregations and small groups to use. Members of the Cabinet are discussing and reflecting on modern day interpretations of John Wesley’s sermons. The sermon videos and corresponding study guides are below and will be disseminated weekly in the MN Connect e-newsletter starting the first Thursday of Lent.

We recommend that small groups, Sunday school classes, or committees meet in-person or virtually on a weekly basis throughout Lent to watch and discuss the video reflection. If your congregation is not organizing small groups around this study, we invite you to ask a couple of friends to join you.

Videos and Study Guides

You can begin the study whenever you'd like. The schedule below simply lets you know when we will be distributing each video and study guide in our conference-wide MN Connect e-newsletters. There is a video and a small group discussion guide for each week.

Feb. 23: Rev. Fred Vanderwerf discusses John Wesley's sermon titled “Salvation by Faith” / Video / Study Guide

March 2: Bishop Lanette Plambeck discusses John Wesley's sermon titled “The Almost Christian” VideoStudy Guide

March 9: Rev. Dan Johnson discusses John Wesley's sermon titled “The Circumcision of the Heart” / VideoStudy Guide

March 16: Rev. Cynthia Williams discusses John Wesley's sermon titled “Upon Our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount” / VideoStudy Guide

March 23: Rev. Laurie Kantonen discusses John Wesley's sermon titled “The General Spread of the Gospel” / VideoStudy Guide

March 30: Rev. Cindy Gregorson discusses John Wesley's sermon titled “On Zeal” / VideoStudy Guide

Access or download all six study guides in one document

Access all of John Wesley's sermons

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