2019 Lenten Study

During the 2019 Lenten season, the Minnesota Appointive Cabinet will lead the conference in a study around the book “The Balancing Act: A Daily Rediscovery of Grace” by Bishop Robert Schnase. Now is a great time to purchase copies of the book if you haven’t already and introduce this opportunity to your congregation.

For each of the six main sections of the book, there will be a study guide to lead you through a discussion of it, as well as a video featuring a Cabinet member talking about the section’s topic. Each study guide contains daily exercises for participants to engage in as they read that week’s section, as well as a detailed framework for a small group gathering to explore that section later on. The study guide has scripture readings, a gathering exercise, reflection questions, a prayer practice, and a closing exercise.

We recommend that small groups or committees meet on a weekly basis throughout Lent to discuss a different section of the book using the corresponding study guide and video. The study guides are available now so that leaders can familiarize themselves with their contents; the corresponding videos will be released every Thursday between Feb. 28 and April 11.

Please join us in this study as we rediscover God’s grace in the midst of work, family, friendships, and other aspects of our busy lives.

Introduction and instructions for congregational and small group leaders

Study Videos

Starting Feb. 28, you will be able to view or download the Lenten study videos here. Videos will be added to this collection each week as they are released. 

Study Guides

You are welcome to view, download, and print the following study guides, offered in Microsoft Word format so that you can tweak or adapt them to meet your needs. Small group leaders should be sure to read this introduction and instructions before delving into the individual study guides.

There isn't an official study guide to go with the introduction in the book and the introduction video (which will be released Feb. 28), but the introduction and instructions document offers an abbreviated one you could use.

March 7 - Section 1: Looking Within 

March 14 - Section 2: Noticing God 

March 21 - Section 3: Finding Courage

March 28 - Section 4: Embracing Change

April 4 - Section 5: Letting Go

April 11 - Section 6: Reaching Out

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