Hopeful Earth

Called by God to action in this urgent moment of humanity's care for creation, Hopeful Earth is a network of individuals, small groups, and churches moving toward a holistic relationship with God’s creation within the Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. 

Hopeful Earth and the Church and Society Ministry Team co-sponsored legislation that was adopted by members of the 2014 Minnesota Annual Conference. The legislation was in the form of a resolution to reduce the carbon footprint of Minnesota United Methodist church buildings. It encourages all congregations to:

• Estimate the carbon footprint of congregational buildings;
• Determine how to reduce it; and
• Implement those changes.

All congregations that reduce their carbon footprint by 10 percent or more will be recognized at the 2016 Annual Conference. 

Since the resolution was adopted, Hopeful Earth has been working to help congregations reduce their carbon footprint. View resources and learn how you can get involved

Hopeful Earth contacts:

Rev. Susan Mullin

smullin@faithumchurch.com / 612-781-3167

Cathy Velasquez Eberhart

cathy@vfamilycoffee.com / 651-587-5356

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