Church administrative specialist

published 10/10/2016

Location: Lake Harriet UMC
4901 Chowen Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55410

• Provide a hospitable presence to visitors and members.
• Assist in building community among staff, leadership and members.
• Open and prepare the church facilities for daily operation.
• Provide or ensure volunteer provision of hospitality to members and guests during key hours of the workweek, as determined.
• Ensure that in-person, mail, e-mail, and phone communications initiated by congregants, visitors, community members, service providers and others are received and either directed or fulfilled as appropriate in a timely and assuring manner.
• Perform periodic and/or ongoing administrative support and office maintenance tasks as needed and at the direction of the Church Business Administrator. Maintain and appropriately distribute church records including:
service attendance; membership information (directory, mailing lists, offering, Annual Conference statistics);
visitor records; transfer papers; order and ensure adequate supply of office supplies and supplies as requested by ministry leaders.
• Coordinate, schedule, and ensure invoicing for building use with staff, members and outside groups.
• Provide direct support in the administration of key third party relationships, including banks, suppliers, and service providers.
• Participate in meetings as appropriate or as advised.
• Run all bulletins (weekly/special), including large print versions.
• Send scripture readings each week to lay readers.
• Send welcome letters to Sunday visitors to LHUMC and prepare visitor and new member information packets.

• Good communication skills to work with wide variety of people and groups.
• Five or more years of experience serving in administrative roles within a church office.
• Ability to address immediate needs or inquiries or to appropriately transfer or direct individuals to those who can meet their needs.
• Ability to consistently and competently handle operational or administrative tasks as assigned with minimal need for oversight.

Application Info:
Please send a cover letter, resume, and contact information to Jim Koon, Church Business Administrator

Open until filled

Position Type:

The church administrative specialist is responsible for providing key elements of support within the church office, including ensuring congregational accessibility to church facilities and resources, hospitable reception and communication of needs and requests to congregants and the community, and the administration of church data bases and general office needs.

This role is additionally accountable for providing administrative and operational support as needed at the direction of the pastor, staff, and ministry leaders.

Contact: Jim Koon

Phone: 612-926-7645



Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55404

(612) 870-0058